Haley-Black and White Tri Girl SOLD to Linda in MN

Congratulations Linda Newman!!! Haley, now Sayah, is a very special little puppy. She is lots and lots of fun and FULL of personality. I will have to say, I really miss her energizer/wiggle butt. She always made me smile. Take care!

mod130729 183920
Mod130830 TR0154
Mod130830 TR0183
Mod130830 TR0344-01
Mod130830 TR0344
Mod130830 TR0353
Mod130830 TR0460
Mod130830 TR0495
Mod130830 TR0529
Mod130901 TR2370-01
Mod130830 TR0569
Mod130901 TR2370
Mod130903 TR4580
Mod130914 TR0607
Mod130914 TR0689
Mod130914 TR0694
Mod130914 TR0695
Mod130914 TR0699
Mod130914 TR0754
mod131012 tr3057
Mod130924 TR2424
mod131021 tr3909
Mod130924 TR2484
mod131021 tr3917
mod131021 tr3940
mod131021 tr3991
mod131025 tr4019
mod131021 tr3994
mod131025 tr4045
mod131025 tr4059-1
mod131025 tr4059
mod131025 tr4070
mod131025 tr4065
mod131025 tr4083
mod131025 tr4119
mod131025 tr4150
mod131025 tr4107
mod131025 tr4189
mod131025 tr4248
mod131025 tr4174
mod131025 tr4279
mod131025 tr4324
mod131025 tr4351
mod131025 tr4330
mod131025 tr4353
mod131025 tr4369
mod131025 tr4425
mod131025 tr4424
mod131025 tr4427
mod131025 tr4433
mod131025 tr4432
mod131025 tr4478
mod131025 tr4477
mod131025 tr4487
mod131025 tr4495
mod131025 tr4497
Mod R1D0145 (2)
Mod R1D0145
Mod R1D0151
Mod R1D0151 (2)
Mod R1D0182
Mod R1D0188 (2)
Mod R1D0188
Mod R1D0191 (2)
Mod R1D0191
Mod R1D0192 (2)
Mod R1D0192
Mod R1D0809
Mod R1D0810
Mod R1D0843
Mod R1D0815
Mod R1D0844
Mod R1D0847
Mod R1D0888
Mod R1D0973
Mod R1D0967
Mod R1D0994
Mod R1D0978
Mod R1D0988
Mod R1D1006
Mod R1D1080
Mod R1D1092
Mod R1D1098
Mod R1D1097
Mod R1D1115
Mod R1D1105
Mod R1D1118
Mod R1D8689 (2)
Mod R1D8586 (2)
MOD R1D8586
Mod R1D8689

Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) / Amarican Kennell Club (AKC) - Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) Registrable.
Born June 24, 2013